+2000 Tevreden Klanten

A Milestone of Trust and Quality

Reaching more than 2000 satisfied customers is not just a number for us at My Wood Build Kit, but it is a testimony of trust, quality and customer satisfaction. In this blog we share our journey and the diversity of projects we have realized, ranging from cozy chalets to spacious kangaroo homes.

Diversity in Construction

Every customer has a unique story and a specific need. Whether it concerns a cozy chalet for a weekend away, a functional carport, an inviting pool house, or a practical kangaroo house, our approach is always the same: listening, advising and delivering with quality.

Chalets and More

Our chalets, often chosen for their atmosphere and warmth, are perfect examples of how we combine traditional construction with modern needs. They are not only beautiful but also functional, often used as holiday homes or comfortable guesthouses.

Kangaroo Houses: Together, Yet Separate

The demand for kangaroo homes has skyrocketed in recent years, and we have embraced this trend by offering solutions that ensure both privacy and closeness for families. These homes are designed for communal living, but while maintaining individual spaces.

Pool Houses and Garden Houses: Your Own Oasis

Our pool houses and garden houses are more than just an addition to your garden; they are a haven for relaxation and fun. They provide the perfect backdrop for family gatherings, parties or a quiet place to relax.

Carports: Practical and Stylish

Our carports combine functionality with aesthetics. They not only provide protection for vehicles, but also increase the attractiveness of your property. Each carport is a testimony to our craftsmanship and attention to detail.


The diversity of our projects and the positive feedback from more than 2000 customers are a constant motivation for us. At My Wood Build Kit we are proud of what we have achieved and excited about what the future will bring. Every project is a new opportunity to leave a lasting impression and add a new customer to our growing family of satisfied owners.