Traditionele Massieve Houtbouw

Back to the Roots: The Beauty of Traditional Solid Wood Construction

In an era where technology and modernity predominate, Mijn Hout Bouw Pakket consciously opts for a more traditional approach to construction. We honor the ancient art of solid wood construction, combined with the precision of modern technology. In this blog we delve deeper into the essence of traditional solid wood construction and discover why this method still resonates in the hearts of many.

An Age-Old Craft

Solid wood construction is a craft that has been practiced for centuries. It is a technique that uses heavy, robust wooden beams to create structures that are not only strong and durable, but also exude timeless beauty. At My Hout Bouw Pakket we cherish this traditional architectural style and apply it in our modern designs.

The Roll of Oversized Beams

A characteristic element in our constructions are the oversized beams. These beams are not only a nod to traditional timber construction, but also give our buildings a unique, characterful appearance. They form the backbone of our constructions and are an example of strength and durability.

Traditional Wood Joints: An Art in Itself

The beauty of our buildings lies in the details, especially in the traditional wood joints. These connections are not only functional but also a visually appealing aspect of the design. Each connection is carried out with the utmost care and precision, using modern techniques to ensure the authenticity of the craft.

High-Tech Accuracy Meets Craftsmanship

While we stick to traditional methods, we also embrace the latest technologies. Our high-tech robots play a crucial role in achieving the precision required in today's construction. They allow us to cut and machine every piece of wood with millimeter precision, contributing to the overall quality and finish of our buildings.


Traditional solid wood construction is not just a construction method; it is a celebration of history, craftsmanship and natural beauty. At My Hout Bouw Pakket we are proud to be able to offer this timeless architectural style, enhanced with the precision of modern technology. Every building we create is a tribute to the past, created for the future.