Bouwvergunning nodig?

Are you considering solid timber construction for a project such as a kangaroo house, chalet, horse stable, garden house, pool house or carport? One of the first questions is often whether a building permit is required. The requirements for this can vary significantly depending on your location.

For larger constructions or certain types of projects such as a spacious pool house or an extensive horse stable, building permits are often required. These requirements depend on several factors, such as the size of the structure and its distance from the property line. We advise you to always check with your local municipality or government agency for applicable building regulations and permits.

Please note that the information on building permits that we provide in the specifications of our buildings and products in our shop, such as chalets and garden houses, is mainly based on Belgian regulations. For smaller projects or specific types of structures such as carports, a permit may not be required, but this varies by location. That is why it is important to always consult local regulations.

If in doubt about the required permits, especially for more complex projects such as kangaroo homes, we recommend consulting an architect or construction professional who is familiar with local regulations. By carefully adhering to local building regulations, you ensure that your project, whether it is a simple garden house or an elaborate pool house, is legal, safe and in harmony with your environment. Take the time to thoroughly research all aspects of your construction plans and prepare for a successful timber construction project.