Welke Houtverbindingen?

In our solid timber construction, from kangaroo houses to garden houses and chalets, the emphasis is on quality and precision. We achieve this with advanced wood joints, such as the conical dovetail joint, longitudinal joint with double weld, half-timber joint, and mortise and tenon joint, which are manufactured with the greatest accuracy by our robots.

Houtverbindingen massieve houtbouw

These connections are crucial for the strength and durability of our buildings. The conical dovetail joint, used for corner joints in our horse stables and carports, not only provides structural integrity, but also adds aesthetic value. The longitudinal connection with double weld ensures a strong, almost invisible connection in our longer wooden constructions, such as certain types of chalets.

The half-timber connection, used in various constructions including garden houses, guarantees a solid and precise connection of wooden parts. And the mortise and tenon joint, a timeless classic, is known for its exceptional strength in all our solid timber construction projects.

At My Wood Build Kit we ensure that every part fits perfectly, making installation simple and quick. Our wood joints are an example of not only craftsmanship, but also our commitment to providing superior products that will last a lifetime.