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The Power of Fast Delivery: How We Make the Difference

In the world of online shopping and construction projects, time is a crucial factor. At My Hout Bouw Pakket we understand this like no other. That is why we have set up a logistics system that guarantees that our customers receive their timber building packages within 14 days. In this blog we look at how this fast delivery is possible and why it is so important for our customers.

A Stock That Is Ready

A key to our ability to deliver so quickly lies in our extensive inventory. Every model in our range is available directly from stock. This means that as soon as you place your order, we take immediate action. No long waits or uncertainty about availability - your choice is ready to go.

Efficient Logistics, Satisfied Customers

Our efficient logistics operations not only ensure fast delivery, but also ensure that every package is handled with the utmost care. From the warehouse to your front door, every step in the process is optimized to ensure your package arrives safely and on time.

More than just speed

While speed is an important aspect of our service, we never lose sight of quality. Every timber construction kit that leaves our warehouse has been thoroughly checked for quality and completeness. In this way we combine speed with reliability - a combination that our customers highly appreciate.


Our promise of delivery within 14 days is more than just a fast service; it is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you are working on a large project or a small addition to your home, we will ensure that your construction plans are not delayed. With My Hout Bouw Pakket you are assured of a fast, reliable and high-quality service, every time.